Friday, March 5, 2010


I don't know how it started
And i can't believe the end
It wasn't all so different
But yet so out of trend

Some moments I'll always remember
Some moments,I thought we'd always share
Even if you don't care anymore
Even if you aren't there

How "you" and "me" became "we"
How the year became sublime
How "we" became just "me"
And my moments to last a lifetime...

Those moments were so special
Those moments were so fine
How kind of you to forget them!
"Our" moments are now just "mine"

The first time we talked all night
The first time your smile meant more
The first time we walked together
Into the classroom door

The first time I waited for you
For long hours outside your house
Caressing your nervous face
Was your scented hair-like lace

Remember the warm winter evenings
Made warmer by the wait
The indifference in your smile
Each time you were late...

Remember how you trembeled
When we first walked hand in hand
Though it was just a walk in the park
It all felt so grand

Remember the rainy mornings
Made brighter by your "love you"s
And the sleepless windy nights
Made dreamy by your "me too"s

Remember the first time you hugged me
Your heart beating like double bass
And all the times you drugged me
With your addictive kisses

Remember, how i gazed at your face
And you would just look away
And accidentally when our eyes would meet
They'd just stay that way...

Remember when we slow danced
My feet carrying your toes
It was so much more than the wedding dance
Of a couple after their vows...

Remember when we broke up
For the first time I saw you crying
I wiped your tears and hugged you
-It was like i was dying...

You gave me a pseudo life
But it still felt so real
It was all very similar
But you had the better of the deal

It took me a while to realise
That you were no more the same
You'd cried-"never leave me alone"
I believed you- I was so lame

I never walked away
I stood there all through
But you didn't keep your words
The one who walked away- was you...

You were happy in your world
And I had no reason to be there
But when the seasons grew colder
I couldn't refuse to care

But darling, don't you hate me
Coz i won't ever hate you
It was easy for you to move on
But baby, I'm trying too...

But when I lay in my bed in darkness
Looking out of the window-with eyes open ajar
It is for your wishes baby
That I still search for a shooting star...